Rise Up. Reach Back.

ADCOLOR is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to create a community of diverse professionals who support and celebrate one another.

Services: Art Direction, Design, Video, Social Media

My role was to design and art direct the ADCOLOR Conference and Awards event as well as social media pieces and website to advertise the event. The 2017 event theme was “Come Together”. The look I developed was inspired by bold, poppy colors and geometric, woven, textile-like shapes that represent unification. Read more about ADCOLOR at

Come Together.

Twitter Emoji

My team and I developed a custom Twitter emoji representing love and diversity that appeared along side the hashtag #ADCOLOR during the 3 day event. The emoji was a huge success reaching number 2 on Trending. Had Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie not tragically broken up we probably would have hit number 1. RIP #brangelina

Social Media

I developed templates for sharable quotes as well as photos. The typographic videos below were created to advertise for the conference as well as raise awareness about inequality issues.