Video Work

Various video projects for clients at GSD&M.

Services: Art Direction, Design, Wardrobe Stylist

Ross Dress for Less

Pitch video featuring GSD&M employees to win a multimillion dollar business deal (it worked). In addition to developing a look and feel for the video as well as creating the stop-motion animation shots, I was also the wardrobe stylist. Not gonna lie, getting paid to buy clothes and dress people was pretty fun.

Food Lion
Bring on the New(ish) You.

I worked with an Art Director and Creative Director to develop this neon light type lockup for Food Lion’s New Year campaign. Check the animated logotype in action here.

Do a “Squeeze” of Daisy

Daisy Sour Cream launched new squeezable packaging. I worked with a team to develop this extended dinner table video concept with interspersed hand written sour cream typography supers. Yes, that’s actually sour cream.

Tangle Tequila

Tangle Tequila is a fictional brand developed to showcase how Avery Dennison intelligent labels can help tell a brand’s story. Each prototype tequila bottle has an RFID intelligent label inlay underneath the neck label that has been programed to open up the above shot recipe video when a customer taps their phone to it. This video is part of demonstrations at label industry trade shows and Avery Dennison customer events.